Mineral & Land Records System Reports

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) has developed the Mineral & Land Records System (MLRS) to replace the Legacy Rehost 2000 (LR2000) case management system, Alaska Land Information System (ALIS) (please note that Alaska records are not available in MLRS at this time), and official land status records (e.g. Master Title Plats, Historical Index, Tract Books). 

MLRS is a customer-centric, geospatially-enabled Land Information System that employs nationally standardized business processes, ensuring the quality and accuracy of land and mineral records and data, while securely delivering land records information to relevant BLM employees, customers, and the public.   

The MLRS mining claims module launched on 01/25/2021. Over the next two years, additional MLRS modules will be released in support of land and mineral use authorizations for oil, gas, and geothermal leasing, rights-of-way, coal and other mineral development, land and mineral title, withdrawals, classifications, and other actions on Federal lands or on Federal mineral estate.

Please note that some columns in the MLRS reporting site have changed from the preceding LR2000 output; however, all information previously reported is available.  Last Assessment Year has been replaced with Next Payment Due Date to help users identify when the next assessment year payment is due.

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