Land & Mineral System Reports

Please note that due to a recent routine BLM privacy review, a portion of the information in certain reports has been redacted (indicated by 'XXXX'). This is to protect what has been determined in the privacy review to be Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and ensure compliance with the Privacy Act. Also note that some columns in the MLRS reporting site have changed from the preceding LR2000 output; however, all non-PII previously reported is still available.

We are working as quickly as possible to update our online reporting system to ensure Privacy Act compliance.  While it is in this temporary state, customers needing currently redacted PII for routine uses can obtain it by contacting the BLM Help Desk or their nearest BLM Public Room and submitting a request.

Link to New MLRS Reports  (includes Mining Claims, Oil and Gas, and Geothermal cases)

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) administers more public land - over 245 million surface acres - than any other Federal agency in the United States. Most of this land is located in the 12 Western states, including Alaska. The BLM's Legacy Rehost System, called LR2000, provides reports on BLM land and mineral use authorizations for rights-of-way, coal and other mineral development, land and mineral title,  withdrawals, classifications, and more on federal lands or on federal mineral estate. The LR2000 enables users to access the same information over the Internet as in the BLM State Office Information Access Centers.

LR2000 provides access to the following systems. To run reports you will need to know which of the following systems the information you are looking for is in:

  • Case Recordation (CR) contains information on land and mineral use authorizations, title, withdrawals, classifications, and more issued by the BLM on federal actions affecting public lands of the United States.
  • Status (ST) contains information on withdrawals, land classifications, and title transfer documents issued mainly before 1984. Title documents transferred lands in and out of government ownership.
  • Legal Land Description (LLD) contains cadastral survey data and other information such as state, county, BLM field office, and surface management agencies (BLM, Forest Service, etc.).

Please see the options on the left for further information about the LR2000 system, as well as informational resources such as user guides and reference materials.

Note:-LR2000 is not available from 1:00 AM - 3:00 AM Mountain Time.